concealed carry permit class
concealed carry permit class

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I went to a gun safety/permit to carry class last night.. learned a lot! glad we were using lazer guns i am not good at shooting  Lol but figuring i had never held a gun or tried to shoot one i did ok. i can now get my permit in Iowa,Florida, and utah which would make it legal for me to carry in 43 states. anyone looking to take a good class check out Amend 2 Defend Travis does a great job and its well worth the money! he goes over a lot more than just laws which is all some of the other classes do and this class is the only one around that lets you get your permit in florida. Nooo this does not mean im going to run out and buy a gun. I just wanted to know how to be safe with one and eventually i may get one for safety.


Amanda Floros

Available training classes

- NRA Basic Pistol CCW Class

- 1 on 1 training classes

- 1 on 1 shooting instruction

- In the Home Threat analysis

- Hand to Hand personal   protection courses


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