concealed carry permit class
concealed carry permit class

Our instructors are certified to teach the Iowa Concealed Carry Permit Class. This Course will also allow you to get your Florida Permit.

Classes for women only are available. Our individual classes offer 1 on 1 education with the option of going to the range and testing a variety of firearms.

Our classes are small (no more than 12) so we can make sure everyone gets the proper training they deserve and understand how to operate a firearm safely. We cover laws and all of the basics for your permit.

Amend 2 Defend is proud to provide an Iowa Concealed Carry Permit Class that gives you more education than your typical permit class. We want you to carry with confidence and understand your rights.

DON'T BE A VICTIM, get your Iowa concealed carry permit training today from Amend 2 Defend LLC

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